Your Local Guide to Making Sustainable Choices

The EarthFest Committee is full of knowledgeable, talented individuals with connections to many industries that have an impact on the environment. We are excited to share a variety of resources with the community to help individuals make more sustainable choices. 



Is it right for my home or business? Can I afford it? What options are available in this area? Get your questions answered here!

Ivan Idso smiling in front of his high performance home

Home Electrification & Energy Efficiency

Electrifying our homes is a crucial step towards reducing our fossil fuel consumption, and now it is easier than ever before to do so!


Electric Vehicles

Who knew transitioning away from fossil fuels could be so fun?! Electric vehicles offer a variety of benefits. Learn more here.


Waste & Recycling

The first step to making progress is admitting we have a problem - a waste problem. Find out what you can do to reduce your waste and become an expert on what can (and cannot) be recycled.

Silver Lake

Water Stewardship

Clean water is crucial to our health and the surrounding environment. We all need to be stewards of our earth and that starts with being water stewards. Learn how to best advocate for it here.

Olmsted Plant Sale

Lawn & Landscaping

It's time to change the status quo with our lawns and landscaping! You have the power to make an impact on the environment in your own yard.