Electric Vehicles

All roads lead to electrification

Whether you are a car enthusiast, an eco-minded individual or just wanting a reliable way to get from point A to point B, there are numerous benefits to switching from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric vehicle. 

Rochester Electric Vehicles

Rochester Electric Vehicles is a trusted sponsor of EarthFest and is a great resource for learning about electric vehicles. Get in touch with community members to hear their firsthand experience with owning an electric vehicle and attend local events to learn more and support this group.

The local Sustainability Series featured a presentation and discussion with Jonny Yucuis, founder of Rochester Electric Vehicles. Learn practical information about purchasing electric vehicles from people who have gone through the process and what to expect from ownership. Click the link below to see the recorded webinar.

What You Need to Know About an Electric Vehicle Purchase 
See the Rochester Electric Vehicles YouTube Channel for more educational videos.

Clean Cars Minnesota

Have you heard about the Clean Cars Minnesota initiative but not sure what it is and why it is important to us? Conversation Minnesota explains what it is, why it was adopted, and why it matters to us. The Minnesota Pollution Control agency also gives a great overview here

You can find more educational videos at our YouTube Channel here!
Also, check out our Events Calendar for upcoming events to learn more about electric vehicles and other sustainability topics.