EarthFest Expo 2024

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Hosted by KTTC's Darian Leddy
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Heidi Roop, PhD

10:30 AM


“Climate Solutions Surround Us: Starting and Sustaining Your Climate Solutions Journey”

Description: While the impacts of climate change are increasingly coming into focus in Minnesota, many of us are left wondering how we can help accelerate action and solutions to the challenges of climate change. From collective action to developing a climate solutions mindset, this talk will explore the multitude of opportunities we all have to help accelerate climate action in our communities, and beyond. 

Dr. Heidi Roop is the Director of the University of Minnesota Climate Adaptation Partnership. She is also an Assistant Professor of Climate Science and Extension Specialist at the University, and also serves as the Director for Knowledge Transfer for the NSF-funded COLDEX Science and Technology Center. Her research and Extension programs combine cutting-edge climate science and effective science communication to increase the use and integration of climate change information in decision-making at a range of scales—from city and state to national and international levels. Her climate science research takes her around the world from Antarctica to California to the shores of Lake Superior. Her recent science communication efforts were focused on her book, The Climate Action Handbook, which outlines in a highly visual format, everyday ways we can contribute to collective and individual climate solutions.

Speaker Series

Classroom 1

9:15 - 10:15 am

Minnesota Driftless Hiking Trail

The Minnesota Driftless Hiking Trail is an in-development trail modeled on the Superior Hiking Trail and other long-distance backpacking trails that volunteers are working to build from west of Chatfield to the Mississippi River south of Brownsville. Marty Walsh will present on the volunteer efforts to build the trail, including working with state and local governments, private landowners, and supporting non-profits.

10:30 am - 12:45 pm

Climate Solutions Surround Us: Starting and Sustaining Your Climate Solutions Journey

Keynote Speaker Dr. Heidi Roop, PhD

1:00 - 2:00 pm

Home Electrification with Heat Pumps

Is your furnace, A/C, or water heater getting to the end of its life and needing a replacement? We’ll cover the basics of how heat pumps work, options available today, things to consider for your situation, finding the right contractor, and what to expect after you get it installed.

Classroom 2

9:15 - 10:15 am

Climate Leadership for Everyone

Grab your Climate Action Handbook and join us for an active learning workshop to build your own personal climate action toolbox. We’ll uncover our unique climate action superpowers, build confidence in our ability to talk about climate productively, and identify impactful strategies for policy advocacy. All ages, skills and abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate!

11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Solar Energy for Your Home or Business

Is solar right for you? Does solar work in Minnesota? How much energy can it produce? What are the costs? What incentives are available? Is there maintenance? Come learn the answers to these questions and more. There will be many photos of installations.

1:00 - 2:00 pm

Urban Water Conservation and Native Landscapes

Learn about what you can do in your own back yard to conserve water and beautify your landscape with pollinator friendly planting and alternative lawn ideas.

Classroom 3

9:15 - 10:15 am

Pass on gas: Stop Pollution Inside AND Out

Fossil fuel combustion in our homes and buildings is an overlooked contributor to public health harms and the climate crisis. Join us to learn about the negative impacts on human health and the climate, the disproportionate effect on vulnerable populations, and what we can do to help.

11:45 am - 12:45 pm

A More Perfect Food System: Spotlight on Brands Leading the Way & How They’re Doing It

How brands are consciously creating great food using thoughtful sourcing, unique ingredients, and linking back to the farms that grow it. Learn from a product developer about how products get to store shelves with considerations for making a more sustainable food system.

1:00 - 2:00 pm

Building Community Resilience

Building community resilience is our best response to the looming economic, energy, and environmental challenges of the 21st century. We can build a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world for all—if we have a true understanding of the nature of the challenges, employ systems and resilience thinking, and act with courage, creativity, humility, and humanity.

EarthFest Expo Vendors

Vendor BoothsCategoryProduct
Conservation MinnesotaNon-ProfitEnvironmental Non-profit
XRG ConceptsGreen BuildingResidential Energy Rating
Solar ConnectionRenewable EnergySolar Energy
Zumbro Valley Audubon Non-Profit Conservation/Habitat
AARPSustainable LivingCommunities for all ages
DMC Sustainable Living Sustainable Development
Master Naturalists Sustainable Living Gardening
Christ United Methodist ChurchNon-ProfitCreation care and spiritual support
Animal Rights CoalitionNon-profitFree plant-based recipes and resources to learn more!
Rochester Sustainability & Resiliency CommissionGovernment Sustainability & Resiliency Policy
Sierra Club Non-Profit Clean Energy Advocacy
All Energy Solar Renewable Energy Solar Installation
Peoples Food Coop Sustainable Living Local Foods
Citizens Utility Board Non-Profit Education about energy issues
Office of the MayorGovernmentSustainable communities
Lowertown Neighborhood AssociationNeighborhood AssociationHealthy connected neighborhoods
Nurture in Nature EducationOutdoor occupational therapy groups
League of Women Voters of RochesterEducation Non-partisan voter education and registration
Olmsted County Environmental ResourcesServiceSolid Waste management
Rochester Public Utilities (RPU) Renewable Energy Clean Energy
Olmsted Soil & Water (SWCD) Government Natural Resource Conservation
Senate District 25 DFLAdvocacyPolitical Party

Schedule of Events

All Month

Audubon Bird Walks
April 6, 11, 20, 21

Community Food Response
Every Mon, Wed, Fri in April

April 16

SEMN Eco PowerPoint Party
Atelier at 1901 328 W Broadway, Plainview | 10:00 am – noon

April 21

We Bike Rochester “Ride Ready” Clinic                          Silver Lake Fire Station |  noon – 2 pm

April 22

$5 5K Run & Walk for EarthFest                  TerraLoco | 6:00 pm                    

April 27

Olmsted County Waste-to-Energy Facility Open House 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

RNeighborWoods Community Tree Planting  8:30 – 11:00 am

April 27 - May 5

Spring Litter Bit Better pickup    community-wide                                      

May 4

EarthFest Expo
Northrop Education Center
9:00 am – 2:00 pm

May 5

Izaak Walton League Wetlands Tour                4400 5198 Salem Rd SW   2:00 pm

Our Platinum and Gold Level Sponsors

Our Silver Level Sponsors

Our Bronze Level Sponsors

The RITE School of Sustainable Living

The mission of the RITE School is to provide an inclusive and welcoming place that fosters vibrant communities by encouraging creativity and sustainability through the teaching of diverse historical and contemporary skills. The RITE School is sponsored by Rochester Community Education and Rochester Public Schools.

Initially conceived in Spring 2021, room 109 at Northrop Education Center was transformed into the RITE Room and had its Grand Opening in October 2022.

Why is the RITE School Important for our Community? The school supports Rochester’s emission reduction goals, the work of the future Sustainability & Resilience Commission, and helps develop a desirable Post Carbon Economy in preparation for the coming Energy Descent.

What Skills Will We need in the coming Energy Descent? We will need both “Soft” and “Hard” skills. Soft skills include critical thinking, group facilitation, conversation, preparing healthy food, and community building. Hard skills that require technical abilities and experience such as growing and harvesting food, food preservation, bicycle repair, ecological skills, medicinal and injury healing knowledge, and much more.

We are continuing to offer more classes so check online for the latest offerings. Current classes are listed below, many of which are free and sponsored by EarthFest and the Destination Medical Center (DMC).

  • *Adapt to our Changing Climate
  • *Energy Appreciation
  • *Sustainable Living in Rochester
  • *Introduction to Permaculture Design
  • *Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness
  • *Anatomy of an Urban Homestead
  • Plan your Garden for Seed Saving
  • Preserving the Harvest
  • Solar Case Studies and Consumer Protection
  • Starting Seeds Indoors for the Outdoor Garden
  • Live Green/Leave Green
  • Basic Electricity
  • Beginner Organic Gardening
  • Bike Lanes, Bike Boxes, and Cycletracks
  • Cold Process Goat Milk Soap Making
  • Realities of Buying Electric Vehicles
  • Home Heating with Heat Pumps
  • Incentives (EV’s, solar, heat pumps…)
  • Social Justice, Equity, and Infrastructure
  • Solar Energy for Your Home or Business
  • Neighborhood Energy Challenge
  • Urban Water Stewards