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Clean Air Lawn Care

Electric lawnmowers are becoming more popular each year – but do they live up to the hype? For most residential uses, electric mowers are actually a superior and more economical choice than gas mowers. Battery technology has advanced dramatically in the past decade and due to this, we’re seeing more powerful electric cars and more capable electric lawnmowers.

Celebrate Rochester Earth Fest by joining Fresh Energy, Shift2Electric, and the American Lung Association for a free educational workshop that’s unaffiliated with any specific brands. We’ll take a look “under the hood” at electric lawnmower models from various manufacturers, have a discussion about the health and climate impacts of gas yard equipment, and review the steps participants can take to switch to electric yard care. Participants will leave the meeting equipped to make an informed decision about their next lawnmower with a comprehensive comparison list of all makes and models available on the market.

The discussion will include:

  • Electric technology advances.
  • Benefits of going electric, including cleaner air and health impacts.
  • Review of electric mowers on the market.
  • How to choose the right electric mower.
  • Retailers that carry electric mowers.
  • Care and maintenance of electric mowers.
  • Different equipment available

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Jukka Kukkonen, Chief EV Educator for Shift2Electric and electric vehicle consultant with Fresh Energy
Jukka is an automotive engineer by training and has worked with electric vehicles since 2010. Jukka has a deep knowledge of the electric vehicle market and he specializes in market dynamics and real-life user perspectives.

Lisa Thurstin, American Lung Association
Lisa Thurstin is Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition coordinator and senior manager of the American Lung Association in Minnesota Clean Air Choice program.  Lisa, has served as the TC4 coordinator since 2007 and worked on alternative fuel and advanced technology development activities in Minnesota and across the upper Midwest since 2001.

Gillian Innes, American Lung Association
Gillian is a member of Minnesota GreenCorps, an AmeriCorps program, and is serving at the American Lung Association. During her service, she has specialized in clean fuels with a focus on air quality and health benefits.