Anatomy of an Urban Homestead

Urban Homesteading is the term often used to describe city dwellers who are using their urban space to become more food self-sufficient. It is a collection of skills that allows you to reduce food costs and increase food quality while also reducing your carbon footprint and improving natural habitat for wildlife. This class will go through the important components of a thriving urban homestead and give examples of how much productivity is possible in a space the size of a city lot.

Heidi Kass has a life-long love of the natural world and gardening. These two things merged together when she discovered permaculture and was inspired to begin transforming her yard in earth-friendly ways and organize a local Meetup group dedicated to urban homesteading and related topics. Heidi is the co-founder of the Rochester Seed Library, which opened in 2019, and she teaches gardening and seed saving classes to enhance local food resiliency.

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